Wisconsin Hickory Syrup


-Hickory Syrup-

8oz Glass Bottle


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Glazed Hickory Ham

 - Couldn't be simpler! Score your ham with 1/4' deep crosscuts and pour or brush a generous amount of Wisconsin Hickory Syrup over your cooking ham. (We recommend several coatings!)



Wisconsin Hickory Nut Kernels
Nutrition Information (per ounce):
Calories: 180 
Protein: 3.6g  
         Carbohydrate: 5.2g 
     Fat: 18.2g
Unsaturated  16g            
Fiber: 1.8g
Recommended Daily Allowances of these vitamins and minerals:
Vitamin B-1     -    16%     Vitamin B-6       -    3% RMDA
Magnesium      -    12%     Phosporus        -    10% RMDA
2 oz    -    $5.00

One Pound "Baker's Packs" are available for $25 per pound. Call or Email to order!

8oz Glass Jug of Wisconsin Hickory Syrup - $15.00

Wisconsin Hickory Nuts (in-shell) - 1.5lbs    

Wisconsin Hickory Gift Box

This gift box created for that special person - someone who will appreciate your unique gift of Wisconsin Hickory Syrup and our award-winning Wisconsin Hickory Fudge!
Includes one 8oz bottle of Wisconsin Hickory Syrup 
and 8 pieces (approx 4oz) of Wisconsin Hickory Fudge.

* Wisconsin Hickory Fudge - $12.00 Per 1/2lb box

- made to order, email us for availability.

Wisconsin Hickory Products
First time tasters of Hickory Syrup often comment that the robust, woodsy flavor coaxes images of the rustic, pioneer days of the Midwest. In comparisons with natural Maple Syrup, tasters say the flavor of Hickory Syrup is not as overpowering, but more complex, with a pleasing blend of smoky, nutty, honey and woodsy flavors.
If you haven't tried Hickory Syrup,

- Have a taste!

You'll get hooked once you do!

Bottled in convenient 8oz glass jugs. This rare delight is terrific on pancakes, waffles and other traditional syrup uses. A notable substitute for honey in tea!

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