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Wisconsin Hickory Syrup is produced in the central part of the state of Wisconsin, near the Town of Princeton and the Native American spirit lake - "Day Cho Lah" (now called Big Green Lake).

Wisconsin Hickory Syrup founder and president of the Wisconsin Hickory Association, Mike Starshak was featured in the 2018 spring issue of Wisconsin People & Ideas magazine. Mike's unique Wisconsin Hickory Syrup and his drive to promote Hickory and the potential for a Hickory Foods Industry in Wisconsin were featured in this issue. Click on the image at left to access the article.

Wisconsin Hickory Syrup president Mike Starshak with Inga Witscher of Wisconsin Public TV's Around the Farm Table program during filming in Green Lake County, WI. 

The episode featuring Hickory was broadcast Thanksgiving Day 2016 on Wisconsin Public TV, but you can watch it here.

(our segment begins at 11:00.)

Wisconsin Hickory Association
The Wisconsin Hickory Association (“WHA”) has been formed to coordinate & educate property owners and interested parties who have Hickory, want to have Hickory, or desire to develop Hickory resources. In this age of agro-forestry and sustainable agriculture, we wish to promote the utilization of this naturally-occurring resource within Wisconsin

The objective of WHA: 

To expand the awareness of this viable natural resource to all parts of Wisconsin and to generate, enhance and promote interest and utilization of Hickory.

If you have an interest in Hickory, be sure to visit: WIHickory.org

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Read about our founder and current president of the Wisconsin Hickory Association in the 2016 Oct/Nov issue of Our Wisconsin Magazine!

You may contact us at Wisconsin Hickory Syrup by email at: info@wisconsinhickorysyrup.com


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